July 19, 2016

Classic & Modern Window Blinds

To help you find your way around window blinds and shades, we have created this special FAQ page. Get the answers to important questions and use the shared information and advice with confidence.

How can I contact you?

You can contact Studio City Blinds & Shades today by phone or send us a message on our website to find out about new blinds and installation for your home and business!

Do I need curtains if I have blinds?

As long as you get the required level of privacy and light filtering at any time of the day and during the night with your window blinds, then there is no practical reason for getting curtains.

Blackout blinds or shades for the bedroom?

The blinds are definitely the more versatile option as you can adjust the amount of light which gets in while keeping your level of privacy high. Shades on the other hand create a cozier setting. You should decide based on your personal preferences.

Can shades make a small room feel cramped?

There are very thin and light shades including flat Roman and modern roller ones. One simple trick to use to prevent the window treatments from overwhelming the interior setting is to get them in the same color as your walls. They will literally blend in.

How can I be sure that I’m getting durable window treatments?

Check the materials which the coverings are made from. They should be strong and resistant to UV and moisture damage. Pay close attention to the dye too. It should be resistant to fading.

Can blinds be integrated into my smart home setup?

Yes, they can. Modern blinds and shades offer ease of operation, allowing for automatic opening and closing via a remote control or any smart device. We can gladly assist with helping you choose the right models from our many options, and do the custom installation and integration with your smart home system.

My windows are not a standard size. Can you make blinds for them?

Yes, we offer a customized service, so we can make your blinds according to your specifications, no matter the size and shape of your windows. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll recommend a solution for you.