All Your Blinds Questions Answered

If you have been looking to purchase a set of blinds for your home, or have been wondering how to better take care of the ones you currently own, then you no doubt have a handful of questions that need answering. Well, we are here to help with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about window shutters, blinds and shades. Let’s see how we can help you today!

window sun shadesHow do I choose the product that is right for me?

You need to start by taking your needs into account. Do you need UV protection, are you looking for enhanced privacy, do you want something modern and stylish, or do you need a product that can provide you with all three? These questions will help you determine which blinds are most suited to your home, and whether you want to get honeycomb shades, zebra blinds or any other type.

Why do I need blinds if I have an AC?

The air conditioner in your home may be doing a wonderful job at keeping the place cool, but you can be sure that your windows are still letting in vast amounts of UV rays which will damage your furniture over time. Opting for window sun shades that adequately block the light or just the UV rays will ensure that your goods are properly protected from the sun.

How do I protect my furniture from UV damage without covering my windows?

There are a number of products available from companies like the Home Decorators Collection that allow you full control over the amount of heat and light let into the room. By simply drawing the blinds up when the sun is not at its harshest, you can still let in that beautiful view without letting in too many harmful UV rays.

How do blinds help with privacy?

Most shades can be toggled to allow or disallow light in, but they can also be adjusted to give you better privacy, often with the ability to allow for a one way view. This means that you can let light in through your pleated window shades from above while limiting the view of the neighbors below.