Silhouette Blinds

July 6, 2016
sillhout studio city home pageWindow coverings are used to provide protection from the damaging rays of the sun as well as prevent people from looking in. These are the two main protective functions of window shades and the third would be decorative.If you’re decorating your home, office or store, then you are probably looking at a few stylish fabric blinds. These are very versatile and depending on the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, you can create a very minimalistic look or you can go all out and be bold by employing bright colors and graphic designs.

The Silhouette Solution

To ensure that your privacy is protected, you can hire us at Studio City Blinds & Shades to install silhouette shades for you. These work well at home especially in large living rooms. They can also be used in offices to diffuse light coming in but still maintaining privacy. This is also excellent for commercial establishments like hotels or cafes that want to fully utilize sunlight for indoor lighting.
Silhouette blinds function in two levels. First, there are the horizontal vanes that can be independently adjusted to block light much like how venetian-type covers work. The second level consists of the drape that diffuses light, creating the eponymous silhouette effect.

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