Custom Made Motorized Roller Shades

November 26, 2018

Don’t shy away from custom made shades – with us, you’ll get perfect window treatments you can control with a tap of a button.Custom Made Motorized Roller Shades in Studio City

What Are Motorized Roller Shades?

Motorized shades are the type of shades that can be raised and lowered with a remote control or even your smartphone. By eliminating the lift cord, you are providing a much safer environment for your kids and pets. When you motorize roller shades, you get a window treatment that is not only easy to operate, but also easier to clean than any other available option. They come in a variety of colors and materials and you can choose whether you want to let light in or keep it out! The prices are diverse too, so sticking to your budget is not a problem.

Why Choose This Particular Type?

Let me answer with a question: why not make your life simpler and more convenient? Avoid any possibility of tangled cords and control your shades with a click of a button, no matter how large or out-of-reach they are. Not only do you get to decide how much light you want to let into your home by using the remote, but you can also set a timer and have your shades open and close at a specified time. Besides being easy to control and convenient, they are quiet as well, so no one’s sleep will be disturbed!

Professional Fitting for Best Results

Our customers put so much time and effort into choosing a window treatment, it would be a real shame to let it all go to waste. Our professionals have enough knowledge and experience to measure and install the shades of your choice no matter how hard to fit your windows are. After we’ve done installing the shades, we’ll also make sure each and every one of them is perfectly functioning. Call Studio City Blinds & Shades and schedule a visit today – we’ll make your life more convenient in no time at all.