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Cellular Shades

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Custom Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Cellular | Studio City Blinds & Shades, LA

The cellular or “honeycomb” shades can be made in most of the same styles as cloth or bamboo treatments while also retaining the extra benefit of improved thermal insulation and opacity. Flexible, useful, and inexpensive, these shades are always a good choice to go for.

What Makes A Shade Cellular?

The “cells” of these shades are hollow tubes, usually made from vinyl or other synthetic materials, that extend horizontally across the window pane and hang in a sheet from a pair of strings or tapes. Some cellular shades consist of two or even three layers of tubes instead of just one. These are called honeycomb shades, because of the many consecutive holes along their sides.

Thermal and Photonic Insulation

In addition to being very protective against sunlight and impossible to see through, cellular shades are designed to be as heat-proof as possible. Heat has trouble moving in or out the window through the alternating layers of air and tube walls, so these are the best window treatments for keeping a room cool when the weather is hot, or warm when it is cold. The savings on electricity bills from heating and air conditioning use make these shades a favorite of the budgetarily or environmentally conscious.

Different Styles and Looks

Cellular shades can be structured much like window treatments made from other materials. Roller and Roman style shades can both be made with tubes, though only for single-layers or honeycombs of very narrow cells. Many cellular shades are also designed to flatten and compress their tubes in a Venetian blind-like closing method. The tubing can come in all sorts of colors, and you can have your cellular shades lined with decorative fabric on one or both sides.

Motorized or Corded

Like rolling, expanding, and Roman shades made from other materials, these coverings are available in both classic and motorized versions. In addition to being safer for children, more reliable, and more convenient, motorized cellular shades usually pay for their own electric bills in air conditioner savings.

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