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Commercial Products & Solutions

Commercial Products | Studio City Blinds & Shades, LA

Operating a successful business is much easier with a comfortable environment that customers don’t dread returning to. Some well-chosen blinds and shades can not only help you build that atmosphere, but they can also save you tangible business expenses. Our products are available for commercial establishments of any kind throughout the city.

Creating A Pleasant Space

A good office, store or waiting room shouldn’t feel claustrophobic, but should also have a way of keeping out blinding sunlight and harmful UV rays. In addition to these practical concerns, some well chosen and tasteful window treatments that fit the rest of the décor will add to the room’s aesthetic value and make it actively pleasant to be inside of. These factors are important for any place trying to attract and keep patrons, but they’re especially applicable to restaurants and offices where clients will be seated for a lengthy period.

Window Treatments Save Money

The bulk of most commercial electricity bills comes from lights, heating, and air conditioning. With some good window shades or blinds, and either some solid situational awareness or a well-programmed automated system, you can cut down considerably on these expenses without compromising your desired indoor climate. For the best fine control over the amount of light and heat allowed in from outside, go for some adjustable shades that can be angled by degree depending on the position of the sun and the current temperature.

Styles And Substances

Our custom-designed window treatments come in all shapes and sizes, including products designed for everything from small side windows to glass storefronts. Styles include everything from simple sheer shades and ornate bamboo to pleated covers to full on cellular shades or panel blinds. The sky is really the limit when it comes to materials, colors, and designs; the best choice is down to your own personal preferences, as well as input from our consulting team should you desire it.

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