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Curtains And Draperies

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Curtains And Draperies

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One of the most popular window coverings available is curtains and draperies. These soft furnishings are ideal for window treatments because they provide a high level of light control, excellent privacy, and can be supplied in a huge range of different styles and designs. In addition to this, curtains or drapes can provide insulation to your windows, and also help to block out unwanted noise. This makes them ideal for rooms like the bedroom, where you want to keep things cozy and quiet.

What’s The Difference Between Curtains And Draperies?

Not everyone knows that these two products aren’t the same thing. Although many people use the terms interchangeably, they are actually used for different purposes. Typically, curtains will be made from a lighter, unlined material. They allow more natural light to enter, and are usually not suitable when you want to protect your privacy. They’re often used in kitchens or bathrooms where you may want to let plenty of light in whilst still avoiding glare. Drapes, on the other hand, are often heavy and lined material. They’re great at blocking out light, and often find a home in the bedroom or living room.

Blackout Bedroom Curtains For Studio City Homes

Naturally, when it comes to this part of your home, you’ll want to go with blackout drapes and/or curtains. Privacy and sunlight blocking are especially important for this type of room. They provide privacy, which is very important naturally. But they also keep the sunlight from getting in when the curtains are closed. That means you can sleep without interruption. The human sleep cycle is very fragile, so maintaining it is incredibly important for your feeling and personal health. Blackout curtains for bedrooms are an excellent addition.

Motorized Drapes - Custom Made

Attaching a wirelessly-controlled motor to your home’s drapes opens up a whole world of possibilities. These modern motorized drapes are controlled by apps on your smartphone, so you can easily let the light come streaming into your bedroom without leaving the bed. There are plenty of reasons to choose motorized drapes in addition to this. For instance, they can be set to change position throughout the day, making it seem as if someone is still at home. This is ideal if you’re heading out on vacation and want to deter burglars. It’s important your new motorized draperies are custom made to fit the window and to match the decor. That’s why consulting with nearby curtain makers is important. Make sure you get something that fits every aspect of the room.

Curtain And Drapery Rods

Your new soft furnishing will need to be suspended securely above your windows. Few homeowners pay these fittings much attention, but they should do. Not only must these be strong and secure, but they also need to complement the style of furnishings you’ve chosen. You’ll have access to a wide variety of high-quality rods, suitable for all styles of drapes and curtains. Choose from wooden, plastic and metal rods in a range of finishes to suit any room.

Your Perfect Custom Curtains Or Drapes Nearest Studio City

New fabric window coverings are an excellent way to improve any room. Benefit from excellent style and top quality when you choose Studio City Blinds & Shades provides bedroom curtains and blackout drapes. To find out more, set up a free consultation and get a free quote.


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