How to Pick and Choose Blinds & Shades

Windows are the center point in any room and create statements that are decorative and functional. Instead of hiding them, we should be dressing them up, so it adds to the room decoration without any significant investments in renovations or furniture.

Here’s what to consider when buying shades or blinds:

Light Exposure and Privacy

What is your goal with blinds and shades? Do you want to block out light or do you want your room to be bright yet filter harmful UV rays? Are the windows facing a sunny side? All these questions influence the style and fabric choice of your blinds and shades.

Best for the Budget

Are these new window treatments for one room or the entire house? Some windows require more spending whereas some don’t. Blinds and shades are priced by their size so the larger they are, the more costly it is.

Always Consider Maintenance

Blinds and shades collect dust and are in need of frequent maintenance. Do you want something that can be cleaned at home or require professional cleaning? How much of time are you willing to spend cleaning your windows?

Think About Style

Are you looking for something casual, chic or comfortable? Do you want something dramatic? Are you looking for subtle hues to decorate a neutral room?

Remember, Safety First

Do you live in a home with young children and in need of a streamlined cordless blind and shade? Because shade & blind safety is essential if you have young children in your home. Cordless blinds and shades are best for this. 

Go for blinds if:

You want adjustable slats to control the amount of sunlight in. They are easy to clean and offer loads of privacy. You can get blinds in vinyl, faux wood, wood as well as aluminum.

Go for shades if:

You want versatility and style. They offer different looks and moods that come in various textures, fabric and patterns.

How to Measure Blinds and Shades:

Measuring the space that you want to put up your window treatments will enable you to choose wisely. Knowing where the blinds or shades should go and how you want them to be will help you decide on which options are better too. For inside-mount blinds, use a measuring tape and stop at the frame itself. But if it’s for outside-mounted styles, include the window frame into your measurements.