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It's important for residents of the greater LA area, and Studio City especially, to have something to cover and shade their home or office windows from the harsh sun. Blinds and shades, also known as window treatments, have a lot to offer in that department. The sheer variety of options can be staggering, and it can be difficult to decide which product is right for your needs. Studio City Blinds & Shades is here to help you with that, and to also carry out the shade installation process to ensure your new coverings completely match your windows.

Custom Made Products

Why is this so important? Because blinds and shades that are measured to fit your windows will have the best results. This is true both in terms of light filtering capabilities and in terms of décor. If the shades can't fully cover their windows, then you won't be able to completely block out sunlight, and it may result in "awkward" design choices. Maybe you can start a trend out of it. For the most part, though, people prefer to have their covers actually fully encompass the relevant windows.

From Very Sheer To Blackout Shades

Light filtering is the main function of window blinds and shades, with complementing décor as a close second. This aspect has plenty of variety, as the type of material used will determine how opaque or see-through the new shades will be. The more transparent and sheer the shades, the more light will manage through. Of course, privacy has an inverse correlation to the sheerness and a direct correlation to opacity. The material also determines the level of UV protection and glare reduction your new roller or Roman shades will provide.

From Motorized Blinds to Insulating Shades

In addition to offering you privacy and protection from harsh sunlight, your new window treatments can also save you some money. How? With added insulating layers. Cellular shades especially excel at this. Their honeycomb-style structure creates pockets of captured air that serve as a barrier against heat transfer. If you really want to optimize your blinds and utilize as much natural sunlight as possible, then a set of motorized window shades is definitely the way to go. From hardwired electric blinds to battery powered shades that operate independently of your main power source. With Somfy motors and Lutron controls, you'll be able to control your motorized blinds and shades using your smartphone or tablet.

Blinds and Shades Source Near Studio City

From textured faux wood blinds to motorized layered shades and various curtains and drapes, the choice is up to you! Studio City Blinds & Shades will happily send one of our experts over to present you with a selection of custom made products. All you have to do is give us a call or contact us using this website. Leave everything from the window measuring process to the professional installation to our service team.

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Childproof Shades and Blinds

Childproof Shades and Blinds

Free In-Person Consultation

Free In-Person Consultation

Lutron and Somfy Products

Lutron and Somfy Products

Five Year Warranty

Five Year Warranty


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