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Frequently Asked Window Coverings Questions

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Frequently Asked Window Coverings Questions

If you have a question about window blinds, motorized shades, or other coverings like drapes and curtains, you may find the answer here on our FAQ page. Scroll down and see for yourself, and let us know if you want more advice.

My windows are not a standard size. Can you make blinds for them?

Yes, all our shading products are custom made to fit exactly onto any window of any size. During the free consultation appointment, our expert will take precise measurements of your windows. This helps ensure your new blinds or shades cover them completely. Ensuring complete cover is essential to prevent unfiltered sunlight from getting through while the shades are closed.

Can blinds be integrated into my smart home system?

Yes, they sure can. Because modern motorized blinds and shades utilize innovative wireless technology, they offer ease of operation. Meaning, they allow for automatic opening and closing via various methods and also operate independently. The available control methods include a digital wall switch, a remote control handset, smart devices, and even voice commands. Studio City Blinds & Shades will gladly assist with helping you choose the right models from our wide selection, and complete the custom installation and integration with your smart home system.

How can I be sure that I’m getting durable window treatments?

Ask about the materials your new blinds and shades consist of. They should be durable, and also resistant to UV and moisture damage. Pay close attention to the dye as well, because it should be resistant to fading. Providing custom made shades allows us to customize your selection according to your desire and needs. That means choosing different materials more suitable for certain environments.

Can shades make a small room feel cramped?

Some may have more interior depth than others. Albeit, this is a rare complaint. Cellular shades and various pleated or thick layered treatments come to mind. But you can simply opt for other types of covers. There are very thin and light coverings, including flat Roman shades and modern roller varieties. One simple trick to use to prevent the window treatments from overwhelming the interior setting is to get them in the same color as your walls. This will make them blend.

Should I get blackout blinds or shades for the bedroom?

It really depends on the type of window treatment you choose. Generally speaking, blinds are probably the more versatile option. You can adjust their vanes to control how much light gets in while keeping your level of privacy high. Shades, on the other hand, create a cozier setting and make for more aesthetically pleasing decor enhancement. Many types, such as sheer shades or layered ones, can also provide adjustable light filtering options. You should decide based on your personal preferences. Remember to schedule a free consultation to have one of our experts help you arrive at the best decision.

Do I need curtains if I have blinds?

That depends. Are you getting the level of privacy and light filtering you want during the day and night with your window blinds? Then you may not need to add curtains. Of course, if you'd like to enhance the room's decor, then drapes and valances make for excellent additions. Find out more by scheduling a free in-person consultation with one of our experts.


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